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For students, a unique academic socialization process that includes:

  • Writing a thesis/PhD with close academic accompaniment from faculty and senior research fellows

  • Participation in diverse research groups engaged in context-informed research with an emphasis on inovative research methodologies

  • Bi-weekly seminar of the greenhouse

  • Travel to conferences in Israel and abroad

  • Acquisition of academic skills such as writing publications, presentations at conferences, and academic teaching

For organizations and institutions - creating partnerships by:

  • Conducting evaluation research, collaborative action research, and/or applied research 

  • Promoting research-based community projects

  • Providing training programs in a context-informed approach 

  • Production of mutual seminars and conferences

For researchers in Israel and abroad - creating research partnerships in the form of:

  • Interdisciplinary studies

  • Comparative studies such as cross-cultural, cross-religious, and cross-country studies

  • Submissions of colaborative grants on tangential issues related to context-informed research

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