Peer Mentoring Program

Mentoring Program Aim:

  • To help MA students reach their full potential as effectively and quickly as possible
  • To increase the level of professional satisfaction for mentees and mentors
  • To cultivate productive professional relationships among colleagues
  • To take advantage of the experience and valuable talents of mentors and mentees
  • To enhance decision-making skills related to the mentee’s research

Mentor Roles:

  • Listen to the needs and expectations of the mentee
  • Work with the student to help him/her develop and establish realistic and obtainable goals
  • Offer suggestions and feedback
  • Keep the mentee aware of his/her progress
  • Be committed to serve as a resource to the mentee
  • Encourage the mentee to explore new areas
  • Follow up on commitments made to the mentee

During the semester we will escort the mentoring process by inviting the researcher and MA student to contact us regarding any issue related to the student-researcher collaboration.

For more information see here.